Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

NDIS Independent Living Options Model

Here at Choices and Rights we understand the importance of achieving your goals and maximising your independence. With this model you no longer need to fit into the existing structure as you have the opportunity to create a lifestyle that suits you.

Can I choose where I live?
YES, we can provide housing options where you would like to live.
Do I have to share?
NO, you don’t have to share unless you absolutely want to. We have options available for you to either live independently on your own or in a share house setting with other like-minded people
How much will my rent cost?
Our ILO allows you to either pay half of the cost of rent and our organisation will cover the other half OR if you choose to share with other people, costs will be divided depending on how many other are living at the house
Can my friends & family visit me?
YES, your friends and family can visit you anytime, however you must notify us before any planned visits
Do I have to provide my own household items?
NO, if you have household items such as furniture that you would like to bring, we can help set that up however if you don’t, we can furnish the property as per your needs

NDIS Community Access Support

Choices and Rights moto is not only to understand but also to acknowledge and act to the participants interests and needs. This model enhances the participants living with a disability in a friendly and highly social way to learn and develop skills, meet people and fellow participants they can connect with to create a lifestyle that suits the best for them whilst they get an opportunity to engage in positive meaningful community living.

Can I choose my group?
YES, however we will match participants with similar interests and capacity.
Can my friends & family accompany me?
YES, your friends and family can accompany you, however you must notify us before.
Can I choose multiple activities?
YES, you can choose any number of activities you want.
How can I pay for my travel?
You do NOT need to pay any out of pocket fees as our organisation will handle the allocation of your NDIS funding for your activities.